Free Your Home from these 9 Lurking Stressors ASAP

Free Your Home from these 9 Lurking Stressors ASAP
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Can’t seem to shake off that restless feeling after you get home or dealing with major working from home stress even though you’ve already accomplished your tasks? There are many examples of stressors that are hiding around your home and keeping you from enjoying the stress-free life you deserve!

We are well aware of how terrible the effects of stress can be, so we want to help you reduce stress and restore a sense of calm in your home by pointing out the stressors you deal with every day without realizing their hardly-noticeable ugly nature.

Your home should be a sweet escape from the stressors in life. To enjoy the peace your body is craving, here are the stressors you need to eliminate once and for all to stop feeling stressed, in addition to practical ways to turn your home into a peaceful oasis.

9. Noise pollution

One of the worst effects of noise pollution is increasing your irritability, making it hard for you to even try to deal with stress or know what’s causing it. According to WHO, noise pollution can create a stressful environment, preventing your home from being a peaceful space.

So, since you can’t keep asking your neighbors to keep it down or stop a busy urban street, you should start considering ways to soundproof your home to restore peace and quiet.

8. Cortisol-spiking colors

Surprisingly, the colors in your home can be the reason why you’re feeling stressed and don’t seem to shake it off! If your home décor, furniture, or walls have strong reds or stimulating bright hues, they may be negatively affecting your mood.

Even all-white spaces can be considered as a stressor because of their lack of shade variation. To restore peace and fight off stress, go for lilacs, beiges, pale blues, taupes, or similar calming colors when choosing paint and furniture.

7. Dying indoor plants

Having a dead plant around the house can easily cause you an energy drain, even though it’s placed in a faraway corner! If you’re wondering how to revive a plant, consider strict watering schedules, fertilizing, trimming, or repotting.

But if the poor greenery is just too dead, get it out of your house as soon as possible or get a new one to free your space from bad energy.

6. Having tech in your bedroom

Sending work emails or scrolling through your social media before bed won’t only add to your stress but also keep you up at night and prevent you from enjoying a good night’s sleep.

To fight off stress and sleep better, you should keep your bedroom tech-free; anything with a bright screen should be left out! This will help you create the right mindset for relaxation to fall asleep faster and renew your body’s energy.

5. Dripping faucets

Although it goes unnoticeable sometimes, the sound of a dripping faucet can drive anyone crazy! Why suffer the undue stress that comes with a leaking faucet while you can fix it easily? In most cases, you just need to replace the cartridge under the faucet handles.

But before you start repairing, don’t forget to cut off the water. Then, remove the handles, replace the cartridges, and put the handles back. Finally, run the water to make sure it’s working perfectly.

4. An Unmade Bed

An unmade bed might seem insignificant, but it can be a big lurking stressor that’s keeping you from being your calmest and happiest self! A Sleepopolis survey revealed that people who always make their beds have higher chances to skip the snooze button and wake up earlier, in addition to being more confident than those who leave it unmade.It’s a super easy task all of us can do, so make your bed every day for more relaxation, joy, and confidence.

3. Poor Lighting

Having access to enough natural light is the best thing you can have in a house, but many homes are filled with ill-lit spaces, which promote stress, fatigue, and anxiety.To create a calm and cozy home, you should invest in an optimal lighting environment by pairing ambient overhead lighting with accent lights. Also, make sure your kitchen and home office are well-lit to avoid stress, accidents, and eye strain.

2. A bad smell

When you’re trying to relax at home, all of your senses should be able to engage in the relaxation process, and a bad odor can only make you more stressed. To avoid unpleasant smells around the house, make sure to scrub your toilet as often as needed, clean out the trash can, empty the litter boxes if you have cats, always open a window to let fresh air in, and double-check that your pantry and fridge have no spoiled food. You should also consider lighting scented candles or buying fresh flowers on your way home.

1. Clutter

A messy house is an obvious stressor that many of us tend to overlook. In fact, a cluttered house is directly linked to high cortisol levels, leaving you stressed, overwhelmed, and unable to focus. It’s the first stressor you need to eliminate and build a routine to keep it at bay!

To keep your home and mind stress-free, always clear the clutter, don’t hesitate to get rid of unnecessary objects, keep paper documents out of sight, organize your kitchen, and never leave unwashed dishes or clothes around.

Once you embrace the life-changing magic of tidying up, your home will become a serene escape that never fails to make you feel happy and relaxed.


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