People are putting black pepper in their washing machines—but should you?

People are putting black pepper in their washing machines—but should you?
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Before washing machines, people were doing their laundry by hand. Of course, it goes without saying that it was no easy feat by today’s standards as it was indeed tiring; but clothes did not get ruined too quickly as they do nowadays.

Since modern washing machines have been invented, doing laundry became an almost seamless task. So much so that it could literally be done with just a click of a button.

However, the way the clothes are washed makes them more prone to discoloration and damage. And since we can’t just stop washing our clothes altogether so that they remain intact, nor can we go full Justin Bieber and never wear the same item twice -because we obviously can’t afford it-, we brought you some neat tricks and tips that would show you exactly how to use your washing machine the right way in order not to damage your clothes.

And in this article, our focus will be on one particular trick more than the others, this trick will include something that is found in everybody’s house; more specifically in their kitchens.

The trick we will be sharing with you in this piece will be a trick to help maintain your clothes intact during washing using only pepper.

Yes, you read that right. So, if you’re as surprised as I think you let’s get to it, then.

People are putting black pepper in their washing machines—but should you?

As we previously mentioned, washing machines make doing laundry easier to the point that it’s not a task that you would need to focus on for more than a few minutes.

However, it does not come with its own inconveniences, one of them being the big number of options of laundry, that makes people get confused about which setting they should choose for a specific type of clothing, do you choose hot water or cold water setting? do you use the delicate, cotton, or mixed cycle? Do you separate colored clothe from whites?

Although using washing machines can be confusing and tricky but it is essential to know which option and which cycle to choose when you are doing your laundry in order not to make any damage to your clothes.

So, put down the phone that you were going to use to call your mother about this, and let’s figure this out together.

We all know black pepper, and we all use black pepper. We use it in cooking just like salt, they are the inseparable couple “salt and pepper”, but when it comes to washing machines, it turns out that they are separable, and a lot of people are using black pepper in their washing machines.

You must be thinking right now, why they do it and what does black pepper do that those people are using it in their washing machines, this is what we will explain in the next page.

People are putting black pepper in their washing machines—but should you
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Black pepper is known for its beneficial properties, especially for your health. It is high n antioxidants, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it improves blood sugar and lowers cholesterol levels, it benefits the brain, and may also have cancer-fighting properties, all of these make pepper one of the most beneficial spices, but what does all of this has to do with clothes and washing machines?

Well apart from improving your overall health, black pepper can also improve your clothes colors.

Clothes discoloration is a very common problem, you buy a new shirt or dress and after a few washes, it loses its color and you end up getting a new item and the same thing happens again and again.

You can find some expensive products that promise to keep your clothes colors the same, but you can easily avoid getting those products and keep your money in your pocket just by using the simple pepper trick we will talk about right now.

When you are going to do your laundry, just add a teaspoon of black pepper in your washing machine, the added pepper will prevent your clothes from discoloring, but how?

Well, black pepper will act as paper sand and it will remove any excess soap that might stick to your clothes, and as we all know the main reason for colors fading is the soap that remains on the clothes after they get washed, and using black pepper will leave your clothes completely soap-free after a washing cycle.

Some of you may ask, how can I put black pepper in the washing machine? What of it ruins it? And in my tries to keep my clothes colors from fading and I will end up with a broken washing machine?

Let me give you an answer to all these questions on the next page.

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Putting black pepper in your washing machine is not dangerous, and it will not cause you any technical problems, so you can use this trick and be assured that your washing machine will work perfectly and your clothes colors will stay as good as new, that is until their color will fade by wearing them for too long.

Now you know the secret behind using pepper in washing machines, and the people you thought were weird were just trying to save some money and keep their clothes in a good state.

Of course, there are other tricks to prevent your clothes color from fading other than pepper, just like the white vinegar tip, where you add some distilled white vinegar to your laundry before you start the washing cycle.

And instead of these tricks, you can just use the cold water setting when washing the clothes, because hot water can accelerate the fading, another tip is to not overcrowd your washing machine, do not be too lazy.

If you have a lot of laundries, try separating the clothes into two batches of clothes, so that they cleaned properly and do not get damaged in the process.

Let us know in the comments below if these tricks were interesting to you, if you have tried or will try any of them, or if you have some tricks and tips of your own. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.


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