30 Incredible Uses for Coconut Oil You Need to Know

30 Incredible Uses for Coconut Oil You Need to Know

Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient that comes with an abundance of health benefits. In fact, it’s so beneficial that everyone should start using it every day according to their own needs and issues. Thanks to its rich content of fatty acids, coconut oil can be beneficial both when used externally and taken by mouth.

Enough talking and let’s discover THIRTY incredible uses of coconut oil that everyone should know about.

Spoiler alert: You’ll likely start considering coconut oil to be indispensable as soon as you finish reading about its uses.

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1-8. Coconut Oil for Health

Coconut Oil for Health

1. Got a small wound or a cut?

Got a small wound or a cut?

Just reach out for some coconut oil and apply it directly to the fresh cut or wound. Coconut oil is actually a wonderful natural ingredient that promotes faster wound healing and healthier skin.

2.Teeth and mouth care

Teeth and mouth care.


Coconut oil can help you get rid of dental plaque and bad breath. You just need to make sure to melt one tablespoon of coconut oil (preferably in the microwave) and use it to wash your mouth twice a day before brushing your teeth.

3. For inflammation

For inflammation

Coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. You can safely apply it on injured skin whether from a burn or insect bite to promote healing. Also, you can gargle with coconut oil to treat coughing.

4. For a fever or pain

For a fever or pain

Coconut oil can reduce fever as well as act as a painkiller. This means increasing your consumption of coconut oil will help you get the relief you wish for when suffering from a sore throat or other cold-related illnesses.

5. A natural solution to hangovers

A natural solution to hangovers

Consuming coconut oil can significantly reduce the negative aftermath of drinking alcohol.

6. For bones

For bones

Introducing coconut oil to your diet can avert osteoporosis. Plus, it can relieve arthritis pain when used to massage joints.

7. For thyroid glands

For thyroid glands

According to studies, consuming coconut oil on a regular basis improves thyroid gland function.

8. Protection from mosquitoes

Protection from mosquitoes

To keep those annoying blood-suckers away, simply apply a mixture of coconut oil and ylang-ylang essential oil to your skin.

9-18. Coconut Oil for Beauty

Coconut Oil for Beauty

9. Moisturizing lotion

Moisturizing lotion

Coconut oil can moisten and take care of your skin way better than all other oils. All you need to do is use a sponge that’s moistened with coconut oil to wipe your face every day.

10. Solution for wrinkles

Solution for wrinkles

To reduce wrinkles, it’s recommended to both take coconut oil by mouth and apply it to your skin.

11. Eye cream

Eye cream

To keep the area surrounding your eyes healthy, hydrated, and wrinkle-free, you can try applying coconut oil every day before going to bed. You’ll eventually notice some stunning results.

12. A natural anti-dermatitis remedy

A natural anti-dermatitis remedy

Using coconut oil systematically can significantly improve the skin’s condition when suffering from atopic dermatitis. In this case, it’s best to apply pure coconut oil to the affected areas twice every day.

13. Hair mask to combat damage

Hair mask to combat damage

Coconut oil is a wonderful and effective treatment for damaged hair as it helps restore both its health and beauty. All you need to do is rub enough coconut oil into your hair roots first, then spread along the length of your hair. Leave the hair mask for about 60 minutes before shampooing.

14. A natural dandruff remedy

A natural dandruff remedy

Your scalp is going to fall in love with coconut oil since it keeps it moisturized and dandruff-free. All you need to do is apply this incredible oil to your hair roots and leave it overnight.

15. Lip balm

Lip balm

Coconut oil doesn’t only moisten the lips but it also rejuvenates them as well as it heals and prevents cracks.

16. For healthier, stronger nails

For healthier, stronger nails

Apply coconut oil to your nail plate as often as necessary to treat brittle and dry nails.

17. Body scrub

Body scrub

To make your own coconut oil body scrub, combine one tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of ground coffee, finely ground sea salt, or brown sugar.

18. Skin softener

Skin softener

Coconut oil can soften even the hardest skin parts, like heels, elbows, and the area around the nails.

19-23. Coconut Oil for Cooking

Coconut Oil for Cooking

When it comes to cooking, you need to make sure that the oil you’re using is edible, not cosmetic!

19. For baking and frying

For baking and frying

Unlike other plant oils, the fats in coconut oil retain their beneficial properties and structure when heated. Plus, the oil can add a unique aroma and rich flavor to your dishes.

20. Seasoning for 1st and 2nd courses

Seasoning for 1st and 2nd courses

To add an interesting flavor to your soup, porridge, and mashed potato, simply use coconut butter.

21. For healthier, yummier smoothies

For healthier, yummier smoothies

When making a smoothie, just add one teaspoon of coconut oil to have an energizing and healthier drink.

22. Mayo


The next time you’re making homemade mayonnaise, use coconut oil rather than sunflower oil for a tastier and healthier product.

23. For long-lasting eggs

For long-lasting eggs

You can prolong the eggs’ shelf life by applying coconut oil to the eggshell, creating a thin coat. This is thanks to the antibacterial properties of coconut oil.

24-27. Coconut Oil for Babies and Moms-To-Be

Coconut Oil for Babies and Moms-To-Be

24. For breasts

For breasts

Coconut oil can heal nipple cracks caused by breastfeeding, and don’t worry, it’s completely safe for newborns.

25. A natural remedy for stretch marks

A natural remedy for stretch marks

Applying coconut oil to your baby bump regularly will help prevent stretch marks in the first place.

26. For baby skin

For baby skin

Coconut oil is a wonderful skincare product for babies. It’s recommended to use it as massage oil after baths.

27. Prevent diaper rash

Prevent diaper rash

To avoid diaper rash, simply wipe the skin of your baby using an oiled, soft tissue while changing diapers.

28-30. Coconut Oil for Daily Needs

Coconut Oil for Daily Needs

28. Grease for your kitchen appliances

Grease for your kitchen appliances

Use coconut oil to oil blender blades and meat grinders after use to keep them sharp and protect them against rust.

29. Furniture polish

Furniture polish

Just put some coconut oil on a piece of cloth and wipe your furniture. This method is also super effective for wooden cutting boards.

30. Taking care of leather goods

Taking care of leather goods

Coconut oil will make your leather goods (gloves, shoes, handbags, purses, etc.) shine like never before.

Who knew coconut oil could be this amazing, right?
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