3 Unusual Things To Use Tomato Ketchup For

3 Unusual Things To Use Tomato Ketchup For
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Ketchup is one of the best things that has been made from tomatoes, it is the best companion for fries and a lot of other food, of course, I am talking about ketchup lovers here and not mayonnaise lovers.

The battle between ketchup and mayo is never-ending because there is no winner, in the end, it all comes to the person’s taste and preferences,

but in this article, ketchup is the winner because other than using it with food to give flavor, it can be used in other things and we will talk about these unusual uses of ketchup.

Read below to discover the 3 Unusual Things To Use Tomato Ketchup For!

1. Cleaning your dirty saucepans

If you cook at home a lot then you must have burnt food some or many times; It is completely normal to burn food, you either forget your stove on or you get distracted with something and forget the food you are cooking until you start smelling a weird smell and you realize that you have burnt your lunch, dinner or whatever it is that you were cooking.

One of the hardest cooking pots to clean after burning food in them is saucepans, the food sticks to them so much that you can spend almost 20 minutes scrubbing and trying to remove it. Tomato ketchup will solve this problem for you once and for all, this may sound weird to you, but it works trust me.

This method consists in soaking the saucepan in water for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then use some tomato ketchup to scrub the pan, you will see all the burnt food that was sticking on your pan fading away quickly.

I know what you might be thinking right now, this is not going to work and you will just waste time, energy, and tomato ketchup, but trust me this is worth trying and you will see how it will make cleaning saucepans easier for you.

2. Your way to a better skin

Everyone dreams of spotless and soft skin, and most of us spend a lot of money on skin products that promise soft skin, or no more wrinkles, no more acne, radiant skin, and all that marketing stuff, and even though we buy those products, deep down we know that the result will not be as satisfying as we want or there will not be any result at all. This time, you will take your tomato ketchup bottle and get out of the kitchen, because will not be using it for anything kitchen related instead you will use it on your skin.

Tomato is known to be good for the skin, and ketchup is made of the tomato so it will have the same effect and even more, because it contains other things than tomatoes, you will only need to spread a tablespoon of ketchup on your face and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes, but be careful not to leave it more than 15 minutes because it may dehydrate your skin, especially if you already have a dry skin type, to begin with. After the 15 minutes have passed, rinse off the ketchup from your face with cold water, then use a towel to dry your face and apply your usual day or night cream to moisturize your skin.

You will notice the effect of tomato ketchup on your face the day after you use it, people who have tried this before said that this method made their skin more beautiful and radiant the next day, without using any expensive products that only empty your pocket without any efficient results.

3. No more poop smell

After we have seen how tomato ketchup helps in cleaning your saucepan and improves your skin, it is time to see how it will remove bad smells from your house especially poop smell.

If you are a pet lover and you have cats or dogs at home, then you must have gone through this at least once, your cat or dog just made a poo and it somehow got it stuck to its fur, and he starts roaming around in the house and spreading that stinky smell all over your house, of course, you would look for any way to get rid of that horrible smell, like air fresheners, perfumes, you will even clean your dog or cat but the smell would just not fade away, and what to do in that case?

Well, we just came up with the greatest solution for you, tomato ketchup. Tomato is known for being able to remove bad smells, even the ones that are very hard to remove, that is why you can use tomato ketchup to remove poop smell from your pet, just spread a generous amount of tomato ketchup on the poop spot after you clean it and leave it on for a bit then rinse it off, the smell will disappear completely like it was never there, but the spot will turn red especially if your dog or cat has light-colored fur because tomato ketchup might stain, but it is still worth it because you would rather have a spot on your pet that will be gone after a few days, rather than a bad poop smell in your whole house.

You now know 3 unusual ways to use tomato ketchup, rather than just pouring it on your fries to have more flavor or use it on a sandwich or whichever food you want, you can now use tomato ketchup to clean burnt food off of saucepans, to make your skin more beautiful and to remove poop smell from your dog or cat.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these tomato ketchup tips and whether you will try them or not, and let us know if the tips worked for you which we are sure they will, also share with us any other tips or tricks of tomato ketchup. And make sure to pass this article around, will ya?

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