14 Things You Never Realized Are Reusable

14 Things You Never Realized Are Reusable
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Nowadays, most people tend to throw away the things they have used once and are tagged for single use only, but what most people do not know is that a lot of the things they throw thinking they cannot be used again are reusable, and they can economize using them another time instead of throwing them instantly.

In this article, we will share with you some of the reusable things that you do not know about.

1. Disposable utensils

Disposable utensils

Usually, when someone is preparing for a party or a get together with a lot of people, instead of using its silverware and plates, they tend to use plastic utensils and plastic plates. As everyone knows, plastic utensils are meant to be used only once, but are they?

You can use plastic utensils more than once even if they say you can’t; just keep them in a bowl after you use them and give them a good wash before storing them somewhere until you need to use them again, this way you will not need to buy plastic utensils every time you are organizing a party.

Keep reading below to learn more about the other 13 things you never realized are reusable!

2. Cooking water

Cooking water

The majority of people throw away water after they use it to boil vegetables or eggs or whatever, and what do we call that? We call it wasting. Boiling water can still be used, instead of pouring it down the drain, you can use it to water your plants or your little garden if you have one at home or even a flower bouquet that you have received from your loved one.

3. Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets

Everyone likes to use fabric softener for the effect it has on clothes, and dryer sheet is another form of fabric softener, it is a sheet that you put with your clothes in the washing machine, to make them softer and give a clean smell, by reducing the electrostatic charges that may be in your clothes after the washing cycle finishes. Usually, once you use a dryer sheet the first thing you do is throw it in the trash, and that is wrong.

You can use dryer sheets to clean surfaces in your home from dirt and dust, such as your countertop, your electronics, etc. Dryer sheets are perfect for this job because after they remove the dust from the surfaces, they leave another layer of chemicals that prevents other dirt from settling again.

4. Mesh product bags

Mesh product bags

If your dishwashing sponge is used up and you plan on getting one, look for a mesh bag in your house first. When you go to a grocery store and you buy fruits or vegetables, they come in a mesh bag and you usually throw it out in the trash once you get the fruits and vegetables out of it.

Do not do that again, instead fold the mesh bag and use a plastic tie to wrap it up and use it to clean your dishes, it is very effective against grease and leftover food in your dishes.

5. Hotel shower caps

Hotel shower caps

When you are on a vacation, you usually find in your hotel room everything that you might need in the shower, like miniature shampoo, miniature conditioner, miniature shower gel, etc. And let us not lie to each other, we always take them away with us, because who does not like free stuff, right?

But the one thing that most of us ignore is the shower cap, we either throw it in the trash or do not bother to use it at all and instead of that you can use it to cover your shoes before storing them in your luggage, this way you will protect your clothes from any dust or dirt and you will be using the shower cap you have been ignoring all this time.

6. Apple peels

Apple peels

Apart from the fact that apples are very tasty, especially the apple pie that your mom makes on holidays, it is very beneficial. We all know the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but this applies on the whole apple with its peels, and if you prefer to peel your apple before you eat it then you do you, but wait do not throw those apple peels in the trash, because you will be able to make your apple cider vinegar at home instead of buying from the supermarket, how do you do it, you ask?

The answer is very simple, you only need to mix apple peels with sugar and water and cover this mixture in a jar and let it rest for as long as you can, it will turn into a homemade apple cider vinegar.

7. Pantyhose


If you have a ruined pantyhose, do not just throw it away, you can use it to extend your vacuum cleaner, and I will show you how right now. If you lost a small item under the couch or the bed and you cannot reach it just cut one side of the pantyhose and wrap it around the vacuum cleaner with a rubber band, that way you can vacuum the thing under the couch without worrying of it being swallowed.

8. Leather jackets

Leather jackets

When your leather jacket is worn out, do not throw it in the trash. Get your fashion designer personality out, and cut that leather jacket into pieces, you can find a lot of DIY videos that show how to make purses, bags, and other stuff from old leather jackets.

9. Old towels

Old towels

Do not throw old towels in the trash, you can use them to make bathroom mats, just cut them into strips and braid them or make any type of style you want in your bathmat.

10. Tennis balls

Tennis balls

If you are into tennis, then you must have your tennis gear and after they get used for too long tennis balls become too old and they start tearing off. Instead of throwing the old tennis ball in the trash, clean it up and throw it in your dryer with your clothes, the tennis ball can be used as a fabric softener, this way you can save some money from buying dryer sheets and you will not use chemicals on your clothes.

11. Lemon peels

Lemon peels

The same thing that goes for apple peels goes for lemon peels, instead of throwing them in the trash, you can use them around the house, but in what? Well, you can mix lemon peels with white vinegar and put in a closed jar, and you will have a homemade grease cleanser for surfaces in your house.

12. Candle jar

Candle jar

If you have a beautiful candle jar that you like but the candle has melted already, you can get wax from a store near your house and put a fresh wick in the middle and melt the wax inside the jar, you will have a new candle once it cools down.

13. Bacon grease

Bacon grease

When you make bacon for breakfast, keep the greased for other things, you will see how eggs taste after frying them in bacon grease, it is very delicious.

14. Flip-flops


If you have old flip-flops, you can use them to prevent furniture from scratching your floor, just cut the flip-flops into pieces, and put them under the furniture legs to prevent scratching.

Now you can economize more and use the things you used to throw away in the trash. Let us know in the comments below if you have ever used any of the things mentioned above twice and do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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