10 Great Uses for ChapStick Everyone Should Know

Ten Great Uses for ChapStick Everyone Should Know
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ChapStick is so useful that you can find it in almost every cosmetic bag out there.

You probably already use it to protect your lips or keep them soft, but what you might not know is this popular lip balm seems to do so much more than maintaining soft, beautiful lips.

Today, we brought together a list of 10 of the greatest hacks of lip balm, and they have absolutely nothing to do with lips! Not only will you be surprised, but you’ll also want to get your own ChapStick by the end of this article.

Keep reading to find out more.

10. Preventing the formation of blisters

Sometimes you’re so excited about wearing a new pair of shoes only to end up hating them because of the annoying blisters they caused on your feet.

Luckily, you can easily keep your experiences with new shoes as great as you imagine them to be by simply using lip balm! All you need to do is apply some of it to the irritated spot as soon as you start feeling uncomfortable, and that’s it! Then you can enjoy walking comfortably.

9. Taking off a stuck ring in no time

Putting on a ring is not always as easy and pleasant as taking it off. When a ring is stuck on your finger, the first thing that comes to your mind is to use soap and water to remove it without putting too much pressure on your hand.

However, ChapStick can do the trick just as effectively without you having to run to the bathroom or look for liquid soap while outdoors. Lip balm is way more convenient since you can carry it around wherever you go to solve various common issues.

So to remove a stuck ring using lip balm, you just have to coat the entire ring with it, then turn it and remove it easily.

8. Repairing scratches on your leather goods

If you have little scratches or imperfections on your leather jacket, belts, shoes, bags, furniture, etc, you should just reach out to your ChapStick and apply some of it on the damaged areas of your leather goods.

Besides scratches, lip balm can also be very effective in making dull and old leather stuff look shiny again.

7. Healing insect bites and minor cuts

ChapStick is known for its soothing and moisturizing powers, and that’s why it can also work wonderfully when it comes to reducing skin redness, soothing little cuts, relieving itching, and speeding up healing.

A little bit of lip balm can go a long way in giving you the relief you want after an irritating insect bite or cut.

6. No more frizzy or static hair

If you want to enjoy smooth and perfectly straight hair that stays that way for a long time, then all you need is a lip balm! But be careful not to use it directly on your hair, the right way is to apply some of it to your hairbrush and start brushing slowly all along your hair while making sure to stay away from the roots.

Not only hair, but you can also apply a tiny bit of lip balm to your eyebrows, preferably with the help of a small brush, to make them look perfect.

5. Soothing a sore nose

When you have a cold, you don’t stop wiping your nose, which seems to be running endlessly. This can be very tiring for you and very irritating for your nose both inside and around it.
ChapStick can help you soothe your irritated nose quickly. Just make sure to avoid the menthol variety. So all you have to do is run your smallest finger over the lip balm tube and apply it to the red or aching areas carefully. Lip balm will soothe the skin and promote healing.

4. Quick DIY candle for emergencies

Did you know that you can make a functional candle using ChapStick in seconds?

Well, yes, you heard it right! It’s very possible and super easy too. All you need to do is insert a tiny wood stick (a matchstick, for example) into the lip balm and here you have a little good candle that you can use in case of an emergency.

3. Starting a fire

When camping, your little ChapStick can significantly help you make a fire in almost no time.
To start a fire using lip balm, you should apply enough of it to a cotton ball and light it on fire.

Just make sure to be very careful because the cotton ball is going to intensely burst into flame in a matter of seconds. This trick is perfect for helping the flame burn longer while you prepare a bigger fire.

2. Lubricating a stuck zipper

Sometimes, zippers seem to get stuck when we’re in a hurry and it’s the very last thing we want to deal with. In most cases, people just go change desperately. But you don’t have to get frustrated nor waste your precious time as long as you have lip balm nearby.

ChapStick consists of oil, making it perfect for setting zippers free in no time and with minimum effort.

1. Making your favorite fragrance last longer

To make a perfume last longer on your skin, you just need to apply some ChapStick on the perfumed areas.

This will make the scent stronger and more likely to stick longer to your skin. This way, you’ll get to smell freshly wonderful all day long without having to re-apply perfume every now and then.

So get ready to be hearing many compliments and don’t forget to let us know how this trick or other ones on this list have worked for you.


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