What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets

What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets

This psychology test can tell you some deep secrets that even you don’t know about yourself!

There are certain things about the human emotions and psychology that science still doesn’t understand, like when your instincts tell you to go left instead of right when your heart goes crazy over someone you see for the first time in your life, or those times when you’re just sure that you need to stay away from a specific person without any visible reason or tangible experience but end up being right!

Those things and more can leave us questioning how and why, but let me tell you something, there is some exciting magic about the realm of lively senses, pure instincts, and anything science couldn’t catch and experiment.

Whether you want to have fun or discover something new about yourself, this super simple test can reveal a secret about love and attraction in your life.

What you need to do is glance at the picture and take note of the very first thing you notice.

What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets

If you saw the Boatman first…


One of your hidden weaknesses is that you find it attractive when a person can successfully find a secret way into your mind and make you wonder.

At the moment, you are probably trying to handle some self-esteem problems. That’s why finding someone who can help you escape your own tormenting thoughts can feel like a fairytale or drug that makes want to come back for more.

Although all of these things can feel magical and love can even make your life brighter, you need to believe that you are your own hero. Enjoy the company of a supportive lover but never become dependent of their love for you.

If you saw the Couple first…

The lack of a deep sense of safety and security frightens the heck out of you. Of course, you are wild and free! You want to stay cool and ditch all sorts of commitments just like many of your friends. But even though you love living life wildly, it’s very important to you to have something real and meaningful. Deep down yourself, you enjoy the idea of building a life with someone you really appreciate. Just admit it, that’s what motivates you to go on dates!

You might want to take it easy for once! Don’t rush or force anything. Focus on becoming a better person and let all other things flow at their own rate. The best is yet to come.

What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets

If you saw the Empty Boat first…

You can hardly face your uncontrollable fear of the unknown. Sometimes, you wish you could predict everything in advance so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way, while other times, you jump right into the unknown because everything that follows is extremely exciting to you. You don’t always think about this, however, it’s there.

You can boldly fall in love and the scary part of it is what makes the whole thing very appealing to you. Although it may make you feel alive, you should be more careful because people can be more dangerous than you imagine.

Next time, try to take control of what’s happening and see how it’ll make you feel.

If you saw the Masked Woman first…

You are all about strong feelings and intense experiences. You like trying new things and find unimaginable joy in the first days of meeting someone attractive, the first heartbeats when you fall in love, and the first nights you stay awake texting or just replaying the beautiful moments in your head, especially if you’re not an official couple yet. You just can’t help but feel amused by all of it.

But someday, you’ll have to face the real world. Of course, the first days of any relationship are wonderfully romantic and full of sparks, but you should try to experience the deeper levels of a relationship to get an idea of having something much more meaningful. Only then, you can get a better taste of love.

So, what did you see first?

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