This is What Your Hairstyle Reveals about Your Personality

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A hairstyle, cut, hue, length, or texture does much more than just frame the face. It externalizes the personality of the wearer and helps us learn a little more about each individual. And it may also give a glimpse into what’s going on in your head or your emotional state.

That is why so many people tend to go for a hair transformation when they end a relationship, change jobs, or start a new chapter in life.

The transformation goes into action precisely to help create a look, taking into account not only the features and shape of someone’s face but also their personality.

If you tend to go for a particular hairstyle (Wavy, straight, spiky, etc.) it is likely an indicative of some of your personality traits.

Read on for what your hairstyle says about you:

1. Pixie or Buzzed Hair

Pixie or Buzzed Hair
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Extremely short-haired people are very self-confident, secure and don’t pay much attention to what other people may think about their looks. They are also practical and don’t want to waste so much time in front of the mirror or keeping up with a higher-maintenance hairstyle.

2. Short Hair

Short Hair
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Besides being quite versatile, short hair perfectly portraits the image of the contemporary person who isn’t afraid to start their own trends. It also indicates that they may be less in touch with their feelings and emotions than those who wear their hair long. For example, short-haired women may give a colder impression.

3. Medium/Shoulder Length Hair

Medium Shoulder Length Hair
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Medium hair, rather the long bob, is an absolute success among women everywhere. It can be styled in multiple different ways, so it can either convey a trendy, cool vibe or a more classic feel.

The finish is what will clue you in, as a clean-cut straight style will be indicative of a more serious person that still appreciates an occasional change. Whereas a messier, wavier style will be favored by outgoing, friendlier people.


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