The First Body Part You Wash while Showering Can Tell a Lot about Your Personality

The First Body Part You Wash while Showering Can Tell a Lot about Your Personality
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Many of us start or end our days with a shower. We just hop in and start showering without really thinking about it; it’s something we do almost automatically, yet each one of us does it differently. It gets more interesting as you think about it, right!

What is the first body part you start washing as soon as you get in the shower? Answering this simple question can reveal many things about your personality traits and help you know yourself just a little bit better. Your body makes this decision on a subconscious level so it tells at least one thing about who you are.

Enjoy learning about yourself with this fun personality test.

1. Your Hair

Your Hair
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If the first thing you wash is your head or hair, you are likely someone who appreciates order and discipline in all aspects of life. You are capable of managing time almost perfectly and you are always punctual.

Interestingly, the highest part of the body indicates strength. And if you always wash it first, it means you are highly practical and have already formed solid opinions about everything. Also, when making friends, you always choose the brainy ones.

2. Your Face

Your Face
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Washing your face first while bathing means that you highly value your image and care about how you’re perceived in society. Also, when you wash your face, you are basically tending to all your senses at once. This can mean that you’re often worried about what other people think of you, be it at work or with friends. It is usually very difficult for you to hear people saying negative things about you.

3. Your Privates

Your Privates
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If you initiate your bath by washing your private parts, it may indicate your shy nature. You are an introvert at heart, and you may sometimes take the harsh road of low self-esteem. When you’re hanging out with a group of friends or colleagues, you are rarely given much attention, yet anyone who knows you on a deeper level thinks you are an amazing person.

Also, it’s usually not easy for you to stand up for yourself but you do your best anyway and you are the one people turn to for serious advice because they can trust you easily and feel comfortable around you.


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