The 5 Reasons That Encourage You To Create Time To Think

The 5 Reasons That Encourage You To Create Time To Think

Being productive and knowing the value of time is the only thing successful people care about. You can spend the whole day rushing to finish different tasks but you end up doing only 50 percent of what you had planned. The time keeps running and you’re stuck in a vicious circle without having a break.

You might think that the time you spend doing nothing can be considered unproductive. Scrolling down on social media might be more beneficial than having a break for your mind. But have you ever heard of reflective thinking? Well, reflective thinking is also known as daydreaming, this activity gives you the time to have a break and allow your mind to wander and ask questions or even to meditate.

If you give yourself the time to do so, you will be more productive and more creative when dealing with problems or coming up with ideas and solutions.

There have been many types of research done on reflective thinking and to what extent healthy daydreaming enables memory consolidation, improves your ability to target issues, and to be strong whenever you need to.

But how shall I do that?

It’s simple, block out two hours of your day just to think and make it a habit once a week. You can remove all distractions including your smartphone or laptop, go to the room with a pen and a notebook, or go outside to a calm place.

Start wondering about your life, attitudes, the things that you love, the things that you miss, etc; the value is not usually coming from the questions, it’s actually from the time that you give to your mind to think and wonder. So, continue reading to know the five secrets of the two-hour rule that will drastically change your life.

1. You will come up with thought experiments

You will come up with thought experiments

The pioneering theory that led Albert Einstein to establish the foundation of modern physics was actually imagined in one of his several thought experiments.

He was a daydreamer who wondered about many things in this universe. His thoughts and questions led to several impressive works done in physics and changed completely the whole world.

Einstein wasn’t the only Scientist who got lost inside his mind, throughout history scholars ranging from Charles Darwin to Friedrich Nietzsche have come up with their theories thanks to the several hours they spent meditating.

You can follow these scholar’s paths and start conducting experiments in your head, like thinking of all possible outcomes of a given situation and asking yourself about the possible options that you can have to solve the situation. You will feel the difference afterward for sure.

2. Let your mind wander

Let your mind wander

Create enough time for yourself to have a pause, analyze, and think about your situation in life. Try to detect whether you are satisfied with your plans and goals, and identify your future steps.

It’s not easy to dive deep inside your mind and start asking questions, but the results will make it worthwhile. Daydreaming will make you more flexible and ready to solve non-usual situations and find some creative ideas.

3. Ask Questions

Ask Questions

It’s normal for many people to spend more than two hours on Facebook or any other social media platform, to scroll down, watch videos, react to a picture or a song.

This whole process is not good for your mind, it simply freezes your ability to think and make it shrink day after day. But did you know that people who create social media platforms were just daydreaming about possibilities; those thoughts make them who they are now.

Carving out two hours in the day will give you more than you might expect. Start it with asking yourself the right questions about the goals that you haven’t achieved and how to accelerate the process of realizing it, ask about your source of inspiration and to what extent you are motivated to change your life to the best.

4. Enjoy nature

Enjoy nature

When you go out alone you give yourself enough time to relax and think about many things. A simple walk alone in the forest or to the park is a good way to release your thoughts and visualize it in a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

When you spend some time in nature, you improve your creativity and ability to solve problems, it’s also good for your mental health and boosts your immune system.

5. Write yourself a letter

Write yourself a letter

Writing in general is a powerful therapy for all humans. It cultivates the ability to visualize our feelings and thoughts when we write them down. When you write a letter to yourself it means that you can communicate with your own thoughts and know your strong points and also your weaknesses.

It’s an opportunity to be a storyteller and a listener at the same time, and to evaluate your past, present achievements and make them better for your future.


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