This is Why You Should Put Dish Soap in Your Toilet

This is Why You Should Put Dish Soap in Your Toilet

Among the hacks that you may or may not have heard concerning the hygiene practices in the bathroom, especially the toilet, is putting dish soap on it. Have you ever wondered why that is? Or what are the benefits of doing that?

Well, whether you wondered about this or even ever heard of it; that’s what we’re talking about today. Let’s see just why it is recommended to squeeze out a bit of dishwashing soap in your toilet, among other places.

But before we get to the grand prize that is the reason for putting soap in the toilet, click on the next button to find out some other benefits that dish soap can have on multiple items around the house.

1. Stains

If your weekly clumsiness hit you again and you spilled a drink on your sofa and now you have a big fat stain on your sofa that attracts all sorts of bad attention. If you are yet to find out how to deal with it, then I’m glad to tell you that I’ve got your back on this one. Take a tablespoon’s worth of soap and mix it with a couple of tablespoons of warm water.

Then, take a dry clean cloth and dampen it in the mixture before using it to press the area of the stain repeatedly until it’s gone. After that, take another dry cloth and sink it in cold water this time and apply it on the area to rinse it. The last step is to take apply pressure on the area with a paper towel and finish off the job in complete perfection.

2. Floors

It’s that time of the week and you want to do some house cleaning, starting with those tiles. Whether it’s ceramic, linoleum, or vinyl; dish soap can do wonders on them. All you have to do is empty a couple of tablespoons of our magic liquid into a bucket of warm water and using that to mop the floor. The results will most definitely be to your liking. One thing you don’t want to do is to use this method on a wood tiling. The results will be sloppy and just overall ugly.

3. Surfaces

Similarly to floor tiling, soap can be very potent when it comes to various types of surfaces as well. With examples like windowsills and counters, only to name a few, are among the surfaces you can use dish soap to clean them with instead of buying expensive dedicated products. The way go about this is simple enough: you take a spray bottle and put in in a mixture of hot water and soap depending on the level of concentration you’d like the mixture to have.

Then, all you need to do is to spray the resulting liquid on whatever surface you want to clean and wipe the with a cloth. This goes for all sorts of corners in your kitchen including greasy tiles and walls.


Just when you thought that dish soap has done it all, it comes back to surprise you yet again. Dish soap can actually take care of the meanest greasiest stains on your clothes. All you have to do is to put some soap on the area of the grease stain, let the area soak the soap in for a bit before putting the item in the washing machine and wash it with the highest temperature possible.

Keep in mind to read the label of the garment so you’d know the maximum temperature it can be washed with, otherwise, you may risk ruining the piece. And if you can’t wash it in the machine (like in the case of wool or linen clothing), dish soap comes back yet again to the rescue. Just fill a bucket with water and generously pour the soap. Wash gently with your hands before rinsing it in cold water.

Now that we have discovered some of the parallel usages of dish soap in the house, for which there are plenty more of. Now it’s time for the main event, the centerpiece of this article, which is toilets. Dish soap has the ability to help with the biggest problems any person would have with their toilet, and that is clogging. Yes, you heard it right, clogging. So without further ado, let’s find out how can dish soap help with your toilet’s clogging.

I’m more than sure that this problem has been – and continues to be- aching to many of us encounter all sorts of embarrassing issues because of this; let’s not even talk about when it happens while having guests over. Clogging clearly does not discriminate nor does it care whether you have people over or not. With that in mind, let me show you a simple trick that helps massively with clogging. Instead of buying those expensive products that are no good most of the time, dish soap can do pretty much the same job.

Apply it around the toilet generously and add a good amount of warm water ( not hot as it can risk breaking your toilet bowl); give it a 30-minute rest while the combination of water and soap makes its way through your toilet and try to flush. Its lubricating properties certainly help evacuate the blockage after the warm water breaks down the source of the blockage. And obviously, it would act against the undesired smells that could come out of the toilet when it’s clogged.

As you’ve probably just noticed by now, warm water and dish soap can be a very strong combo to fight against all sorts of mishaps in your home. Additionally, as a general good practice I would encourage you to do is to put a bit of dish soap every now and then on the toilet. Applying dish soap on a regular basis will decrease the chances of potential clogging. That way you can keep your toilet in tip-top shape. This kind of solution is simply the kind that would otherwise look too good to be true, but it is very much true. You’re welcome.

Before you go running to the supermarket to stock up on your dish soap after reading this, make sure you let us know just how impressed you were with dish soap in the comments below; and don’t forget to pass this article around to all your buddies!


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