9 Cleaning Hacks to Help You Get Rid of Germs for Good

9 Cleaning Hacks to Help You Get Rid of Germs for Good

Germs are pathogenic microorganisms we come in contact with daily. As much as we try to observe our hygiene, some germs are hard to get rid of. Merely cleaning the surface with water may not be effective in killing the germs. Also, there are some surfaces and objects in our homes that we neglect. As a result, they become breeding spots for germs and bacteria.

Subsequently, the germs could cause some unexplainable infections that you could have prevented. Go the extra mile and regularly sanitize your surfaces and objects.

Read on for the most efficient nine cleaning hacks to help you kiss those germs goodbye for good.

1. Use Cider to Disinfect Your Yoga Mat

Use Cider to Disinfect Your Yoga Mat


Imagine how many microorganisms live on your yoga mat. They are as a result of your sweat’s dampness and placing the rug on the floor. Moreover, you might even not know the cleaning situation of the facility you are using.

Consequently, cleaning it with water and detergent may not be sufficient. It would be best to disinfect it too. Wipe it down using a material with equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar works as a disinfectant, leaving your mat germ-free.

2. Clean Your Windowsills Regularly

Clean Your Windowsills Regularly

Windows and windowsills get mostly neglected and washed when doing general cleaning. And in most cases, we only clean the most visible parts. As a result, they accumulate condensation and are a hotspot for breeding fungi and microbes. Thus, pay attention to the windowsills and clean thoroughly to ensure no micro-organisms can live there.

3. Disinfect Your Toothbrush Using Mouthwash

Disinfect Your Toothbrush Using Mouthwash
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As much as we use toothbrushes to clean our mouths, we need to take better care of the toothbrushes. Depending on where you store your toothbrush, bacteria could be landing on the toothbrush. For instance, if you flush the toilet with the lid open, some waste particles escape and need a place to land. Hence, there is a chance some will land on your toothbrush.

Hence, it’s advisable to sanitize your toothbrush. Put some mouthwash in a cup and dip your toothbrush for about two minutes.

4. Wipe Down Your Keyboard with Gel

Wipe Down Your Keyboard with Gel

I know I am not the only one bothered by the dust particles that buildup on the small places, especially the keyboard. And to make it worse, it’s tough to get rid of the dust particles. However, you can use a cleaning slime to clean your keyboard. The best part is that you can easily make it at home.

You will need two bowls to make the mixture. In the first bowl, mix one cup of warm water with borax. In the second bowl, add half a cup of warm water with glue. Add the two mixtures together until it’s firm. Knead it into a hardball and use it to clean those irritating dust particles.

5. Wash You Silver Jewelry

Wash You Silver Jewelry
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It’s very irritating when you pull out your favorite silver jewelry, and it has lost its shininess. Maybe in the past, you have thrown out the pieces, but not anymore. Place aluminum foil on a tray and add one tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of soda. Then, arrange the jewelry on top and cover it with boiling water. Leave it overnight, and the dirt and tarnish will dissolve, leaving your accessories looking new.

6. Place Your Cleaning Sponge in the Microwave

Place Your Cleaning Sponge in the Microwave
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Do you ever sterilize your dish sponge? I thought so. The sponge cleans your dishes, leaving them fresh and sparkly. At the same time, bacteria from the utensils transfer to the sponge and start to grow. It will begin to smell, prompting you to throw it away and get another one even before the end of a week.

However, there is something you can do to sterilize the sponge. Wet it thoroughly, then place it in the microwave for about 1 minute. As a result, the heat will kill all the bacteria hiding in your sponge. Do it every few times a week, and your sponge will never smell.

7. Clean Your Wooden Kitchen Tools

Clean Your Wooden Kitchen Tools
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Wooden utensils require more care than merely placing them in the dishwasher or soaking them in water. When they get soaked in water, the moisture can lead to mildew growth, which is not hygienic.

To properly clean the wooden cooking vessels, rub them with a slice of lemon. Hence, stopping unwanted smells from permeating. Additionally, you can coat them with coconut or vegetable oil to keep them shining and free from harmful moisture.

8. Shampoo Your Brush

Shampoo Your Brush

How often do you properly clean your hairbrush? In most cases, we tend to neglect our hairbrushes in terms of cleaning. Consequently, dirt accumulates each time you use your brush. Hair collects pollution elements and everyday germs when you are going about your day. Also, it contains bacteria from the oils you use on your hair. All of which transfer to the brush when you comb your hair.

Notably, it would be best to clean your brush once a month. Start by removing old hairs, then shampoo it and leave it overnight and rinse in the morning.

9. Disinfect Your Oven

Disinfect Your Oven

You use your oven for cooking all sorts of foods. So, it would only be wise to disinfect the oven regularly. Start by heating your oven to 150 degrees F, then switch it off. Place a 1/5 cup of ammonia in a dish on the oven’s top-shelf. On the second shelf, place a container of boiling water. Close the oven door and let them work their magic overnight. By the next day, it will be easy to clean the grime from your oven.

Over to You

Try the above cleaning hacks, and your hygiene will never be the same again. Not only will you have a clean house, but also you will lower the risks of getting an infection. There are also other more cleaning hacks to help kiss those germs goodbye. Protect yourself, family, and friends by utilizing the above information to keep your house disinfected.


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