This is Why You Need to Start Adding a Wet Wipe to Your Laundry

This is Why You Need to Start Adding a Wet Wipe to Your Laundry
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Laundry seems easy but it’s actually a quite complicated process, in which you need to figure out how to do deal with each fabric, be extremely careful when dealing with colorful clothes, set the right temperature, be aware that not all loads are the same, and many more details that prevent all types of clothes from getting damaged.

Although your advanced washing machine does the heavy part of the washing, some effective hacks can help you make this important task even simpler and quicker, while improving the washing outcome, and of course, saving you a lot of time and energy.


Today, we offer you just one amazing method that will particularly come in handy if you have many dark clothes and/or you’re a pet owner. It’s probably the easiest trick you’ll ever try, however, this doesn’t make it any less effective.

Actually, all you need to do is grab a wet wipe and just toss it into your washing machine before loading it with clothes. This might sound too easy to be practical but you’ll be amazed at the results that’ll certainly surpass your expectations.

Moreover, the best part is that wet wipes are pretty cheap, so you can always have extra packs available.

Keep reading to know why this great laundry hack is becoming more and more popular.



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  1. You don’t say what kind of wet wipe. Facial wipes, flushable wipes, disinfecting wipes, baby wipes? Please clarify.

    • Yes, she does on the second screen: Need to be heavy wet wipes; not paper or fabric. Try tearing into strips. If they don’t tear easily they will be perfect. This is my 2 cents; Flushable wipes would begin to disintegrate, facial wipes would probably be too small and they are much more “gentle” and NO disinfecting wipes. Some have bleach in them and you would probably have a load of ruined laundry!

        • My sentiments exactly. She could have suggested a brand to use especially since we all know she’s tried this procedure and knows exactly what kind she used. Why the big secret anyway. If your going to publish an article on something at least put all the details in article.

  2. With the current state of affairs if you have wet wipes to waste on your laundry please take them to the nearest nursing home or any location where these products are needed. With the ‘stay at home’ order I have plenty of time to remove the lint from my clothes

  3. You could do an article which explains that repeatedly using fabric softer and/or dryer sheets creates build up on dryer lint screens. This has caused some dryers to catch fire. The solution is: Stop using dryer sheets and/or fabric softener … or take the dryer lint screen and wash it by hand with dish detergent. This will save the dryer from catching fire… which in turn can save lives.

    • I experienced something a bit different and it had to do with my brothers front loading dryer. As one takes out the lint screen on the bottom lip of the door area there are times if your not watching where the lint actually falls off of the screen and ends in the same cavity as the exhaust with eventually plugs the exhaust line that starts the fires. When I showed this to my brother we extracted an amazing amount of lint right underneath the screen. So take the time to inspect the area or cavity directly under the screen slot you may be surprised what gets deposited there.

        • Just attach a toilet paper tube to the vaccum hose
          À Scott towel empty roll
          Works perfect!🙏🏻 Stay safe

          • NO, don’t use a toilet paper tube!! that’s a waste, take your empty toilet paper tubes and plant them in your garden so they will grow into a mature roll of toilet paper!! Don’t ya know there is a shortage of toilet paper we need all the growing we can get!!

            And before someone asks if that will work, no it will not. But it is funny and even funnier to see someone try..

      • I read somewhere to use wrapping paper rolls or multiple paper towel rolls and attach to your vacuum hose to extend the hose by narrowing/flattening and sticking them below the lint tray to extract any loose lint and prevent it from catching fire.

      • I have found a reusable (eco friendly) product called the Fur Zapper (2 per box) and love it. You add it (or both) to your laundry in the washer, then the dryer. Do NOT use with fabric softeners or dryer sheets. I only use a food grade white distilled vinegar, in my rinse cycle, as the regular wdv will eventually gunk up your washer, which defeats the purpose.

    • That is really helpful. In two neighborhoods in which I lived, houses caught fire due to dryers. I also tell people, don’t have the dryer on when you leave the house… just in case. We’re not leaving the house now anyway… well except to go out and get essentials!

    • With you. I quit using softener years ago. Plain old white vi gear works great. I just add it to the wash cycle, but I bet you could wear a small washcloth or rag with it and toss it in the dryer.

    • That’s why you’re supposed to empty the lint trap after EVERY use. NOT once it’s full. NOT when there’s a problem. After EVERY use. If the lint trap is getting anywhere even CLOSE to being full after just a single use you’re over-loading the machine. I can’t come up with any other scenario that could cause the trap to fill that quick otherwise, including part failure, inadequate or compromised exhaust ventilation system, gremlins, ghosts,……..nothing.
      AND, as far as dryers causing fires, as long as the exhaust system is working as it should, no kinks in the exhaust duct, nothing stopped up anywhere, it’s just about impossible. Now if you have the dryer exhaust exiting the side of the house, if you look on the exterior of the house where the exhaust exits you’ll find the exterior mount dryer exhaust vent and you probably have the little flap door or the multiple horizontal flaps similar window blinds, which both will be closed when you’re not running the dryer to keep critters and such out, but when you start the dryer the air flowing out the exhaust pushes open the flap/flaps and holds them open until the dryer stops, at which time the flaps drop closed again. The exterior exhaust vent almost always has a screen or grate to help keep critters out. Those grates also catch and hold and get stopped up with lint. ESPECIALLY if you’re not emptying the lint trap like you’re supposed to. But even when you do and everything is working perfectly some lint will still slip through. That’s why you still should always get the exhaust duct cleaned occasionally from the duct tube that connects to the back of the dryer all the way to where it exits the house. A house fire that’s started because of a clothes dryer is almost always because of a stopped up exhaust duct or exhaust vent. The only time an actual dryer causes a fire is when someone has bypassed a thermal switch or temperature sensor or something similar in which the dryer fails to shut off if over heating or fails to regulate the heating element etc. as it was designed but couldn’t because it had been altered or modified by someone. Or on the rare occasion the thermal switch or temperature sensor or whatever all just fail. But this is basically impossible because multiple, separate parts, as part of redundancy to safety, would have to all fail in the opposite way they were designed AND all fail at the same time and then not blow a fuse or trip a breaker even though it’s over heating to the point it’s about to catch on fire. I’m not saying impossible. ANYTHING’S possible. Ever seen a Platypus? Duck on one end, beaver on the other, it lays eggs even though it’s actually a mammal AND it’s venomous. ????? God had a bunch of left over parts? A duck and a beaver fell in love and got it on and made a bunch of hybrid babies that picked up the venomous crap from somewhere, Craigslist maybe? No one would ever have thought that animal was possible. Some still say it isn’t. Anything is possible.

      • love your writing – people blaming a house fire on fabric softener instead of the downright stupidity and laziness of the human race

      • You must not have ever washed and dried a new microfiber blanket. Trust me, it will fill a lint trap in one go.

    • I agree with you comment 100%
      Just try putt a few drops of essential oil on a facecloth ( for white)
      And on a sock ( for dart)
      Does the same and even better than those wax sheets
      Adds years of life on your washer’
      I have a 2006 front load washer snd never had a service call yet!
      I still use powder laundry soap – also

  4. I’m trying to find out the proper way to “clean” the washing machine.
    Several ways was published about 6 months ago by prevention. Unfortunately; I lost that instruction. Thanks if U can help.

    • Tide has a washing machine cleaner. You just empty a bag of the cleaner into the machine then do a hot water was on normal. It cleans the machine and leaves it smelling clean, as well.

    • Vinegar is always good, especially if you have hard water. Maybe a cup or two and run the machine on the sanitizing cycle or set it for the hottest water.

      Good luck!

    • It depends and the what washing machine you have, or rather, what name brand and model because the differences between one and another can be extreme enough to warrant a totally different cleaning chemical as in the Washing Machine Cleaner that’s recommended for that make and model. But the most important thing is HOW you clean your washer. FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR MODEL WASHER. There are more differences than just ” Top Loader ” or ” Front Loader “. For example there are Non-HE and HE ( High Efficiency ) washers now that REQUIRE different ways to clean them. Some newer washers have a “Clean Washer” cycle that you can select and it will do everything for you except for actually putting the Washing Machine Cleaner into the washing machine. Some models your supposed to put the Machine Cleaner in the drum and NOT the dispenser, some you are supposed to put it in the dispenser. The person that commented to use the HOT water setting is incorrect if you have one of the many models that you’re supposed to use COLD instead as per the manufacturer’s directions. I know. Most would assume if you’re cleaning something surely it’s best to use HOT water. But if cold is what’s written in the directions THERE’S A REASON. Now you may see “RECOMMENDED” by manufacturer and think ” That’s just a recommendation. I can use and do it however I please”. And you sure can. You go right ahead. But I’m sure the people that designed, engineered, manufactured, tested, and wrote the user’s manual, repair manual and every piece of technical literature specifically for that model….THEY KNOW WHAT”S BEST. I promise you. If you do something different, as far as how or which cleaner you use, I can’t think of any way you could cause any damage or anything, short of something ridiculous like taking it apart in pieces or blasting the inside of it with a pressure washer while it’s powered up and running or something. It just will not clean the machine as good or as thorough, or very possibly not at all or even somehow make it worse than it was. For the record, Affresh washing machine cleaner is what’s recommended by more manufacturers; Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Samsung, LG, etc. unless something’s changed in the last 3 or 4 months. I’ve tried other popular brands when they were out of Affresh. Some worked OK. Some not so much. But none as well as Affresh. The others that did completely remove any odor, like Affresh always does, never lasted as long as with Affresh. The odor always came back well before it would have if Affresh would have been used. AND..MOST people use way too much detergent which causes multiple problems like creating a film on the drum which causes things like bath towels to become less absorbent ( fabric softener usually gets blamed for this incorrectly ) and can cause your washing machine to have a bad odor like stagnant water which goes away once you clean the machine per manufacturer, but returns far sooner than normal resulting in having to repeat the machine cleaning process many more times per year than you would normally have to. (sound familiar?) TIP: If you have a top loader washer always leave the lid open when not in use so it can dry thoroughly. If you don’t you’ll likely get a nasty mildew like odor that comes from the constant moisture trapped inside.

    • Add baking soda one cup and do a empty load
      Add vinegar to your wash will also clean washer and clean hose also 🌺

      • You know what happens when you add baking soda to vinegar 🙂 I wonder if anyone misses your instructions to add the baking soda to an empty load first… lol… Have a blessed day maam

    • Try Charlie’s Soap. You use it, initially, in an empty washer to clean it. It keeps the machine clean with every load, thereafter. A friend clued me into this wonderful all natural laundry soap years ago and I’ve been using it ever since. Perfect even for baby clothes. Even though I still use the cleaner designed for my HE washer, once monthly, I probably don’t really need to.

    • Save wet wipes when finished to use in kitchen. To wipe messy plates before loading in dishwasher, for example. Same goes for used napkins. Ever notice how many used napkins get tossed out? (and people are fighting over toilet paper). Just sayin!

  5. Have a high efficiency washing machine with no agitator. Dark clothes come out with white film with no lint. Will the use of wet wipes remove that? Is there a particular brand that is better than another?

  6. When our dark clothes have noticeable lint, even after the washer has been cleaned and am not using fabric softener, putting them in the dryer for a short while removes the lint. I’m speaking of 20 minutes or so, then hang the clothes up if you normally do, to finish drying. The clothes don’t shrink or fade or get completely dry, but the lint is gone. The time is an estimate and should be adjusted as needed. Hope this helps…

  7. Pill balls, not lint. Some of the blended fabrics form these when rubbed together during wear and in the wash. Lint would not stick like these pill balls, which will not brush off. Cotton garments do not develop these unsightly things. Someone suggested turning the garment inside out when laundering.

  8. I’m with you, Benjamin. These people do need to lighten up! Why would you be mean to someone giving you an idea that might work for you?

  9. I still don’t understand exactly what wet wipe to get. Can anyone give me a name brand? Are we talking about those wet wipes that you pull out of the top of a container?

    Pardon my ignorance.

  10. I just want to say that my trick is to always use vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser and or in the bleach dispenser in every single wash. I had a front loader for 14 years and have never had mold growing in the machine nor a musty smell on my clothes or in the washer or A white film on my dark clothes. I always remove the dispenser when the laundry is done. I turn the dispenser upside down to dry overnight in my laundry tub and I keep the Washing machine door open all night to dry. I take a cloth and dry inside where the dispenser goes. 14 successful years -this works! I also use laundry detergent for dark clothes made for dark clothes.

    • Yes/ you’re smart Karen Campbell🌺
      When you pay expensive for a washer
      You take care of it…..good job
      Mine also 14 years front load!!!!
      I wash my washer after every load!
      Always leave door ajar!!!!

  11. when I do a wash. I add half a cup of white vinegar. This helps keep the pipes free from build up which can cause blockage. The vinegar also sanitizes and removes some stains that washing may leave behind.You can add a full cup every six months to an empty machine and this will ensure a clean running machine.

  12. One reader responded to another what kind of wipe they thought you were talking about. They didn’t think it was either a flush-able wipe, a facial wipe, or a disinfectant wipe. So, I’m wondering what kind of wipe it is because those are the only kinds i know of. Is there another kind that someone snuck in when i wasn’t paying attention??

  13. I was experiencing white residue after using a front loading washer and discovered I was using the wrong detergent. Most new machines recommend using HD detergent (and not powdered,) Just posting from my personal experience – hope this helps.

  14. Having read it all and the comments I am still not sure what the wetwipes are supposed to do. Is it collect lint?
    A male 90yr OAP

    • Hi David, Go to the baby diaper section in Walmart and you will find a large (if you want ) box of Huggies baby wipes. Those worked great in my dryer. Good Luck to you and God Bless🌸

  15. Great tip and I don’t have too much of a problem maybe because I wash most of my clothes inside out but, I will try it. I am definitely going to tell my daughter because she has 2 little girls and this might be helpful for her. Thank you for the tip. It’s nice of you to share!

  16. I stopped using softeners or sheets, instead went to natural wool balls and they do an awesome job. I have two shedding cats and a dog. So save time and money and buy three wool balls put into dryer and their reusable.

  17. Everybody keeps asking what kind of wipes, so I’m assuming ….they are talking about baby wipes. Is this right? They said no flushable wipes, no disinfecting wipes. Baby wipes is about the only thing left. I’m going to try. I have a cat that sheds a lot..

    • If you’re putting wet wipes in the with the laundry because you have cat hair on your clothes….and wet wipes remove the cat hair………..
      Sort of…cut out the middle man kind of thing???

      I’m sorry…I had to. But tell the truth, logically speaking, it makes sense huh?

  18. I’ve been using wool balls for a couple Don’t see much difference. Rather expensive. Read a tip …use tennis
    balls instead. Haven’t had a chance to try those yet…we all were derailed when I read that tip.

    As far as the rest of the comments,just want to say,thanks for the much needed laughs. I’m sure most weren’t meant to be comical,but still were…..yet, I just don’t see the point of the meanness with so many comments… I see this trend on many
    comment sites, and don’t get the purpose, unless it’s to go after someone who can’t strike back….for whatever reason… me. WE all need kindness in our daily lives. I know what it’s like to live without it. Try to spread some compassion. None of us know what anyone else is going thru, especially strangers.

  19. Hey—the main reason we have more lint these days is because the geniuses that design washers NO LONGER HAVE LINT CATCHERS in the washer! When I had to get a new machine years ago, which now had NO lint catcher, I noticed a lot more lint!
    My primary dryer is a clothes line (solar)! My secondary dryer is a 1973, GE! Works great! I pre-treat stains and extreme soil, and wash! Sometimes less is more. More chemicals and additives do very little beside make you “feel good” or spend more money on the very latest, best cleaner (according to the ad guys!). And I always leave the lid open on the washer so it will dry naturally. Why a person needs to “clean” their washer is beyond me!

  20. Wow…have had my Whirlpool Front loads since 2001…didn’t know I was supposed to clean them except to wipe out inside the rubber part around the drum. Hmmmm….no problems, yet!!

  21. There is a type of education that one could apply to the question which wipe. Anytime one see a proper noun (name of a person, place or thing), that is the name. The heading plainly stated “Wet Wipe” and that implies a proper noun; the name of the product and not the description of a product. A wet wipe describes something wet; the wipe. I graduated from a school that the children learned and the teachers taught; not in the era of “no child left behind”.

  22. Since we are talking about laundry here. I use NO fabric softener. It leaves a musty smell because it saturates the clothes with chemicals(some skin types are allergic when they sweat, others can’t breath well because they are allergic). However for the dryer I use 2 Dryer Sheets which helped collect the lint after Every use. For Grease stains I I simply rub some Dawn Dish soap (only Dawn cuts the grease) into the fabric before throwing into the wash. For blood stains I pour Peroxide directly on to the strain before throwing it into the wash. Seems to work for me.

  23. anabana

    I’ve had the same washer and dryer since I moved in here in 6/88 and I’ve never had to call a repair person or had any problems with either machine. I use whatever I feel like as far as detergent goes. For a long time now, it’s been the liquid kind, and have been very happy with the results all the time. My clothes always come out lint free and clean. Maybe I just got very lucky with the models I purchased.

  24. I think that the people who make nasty comments have a need to be noticed. The best way to handle that is IGNORE it! They will be unhappy if a good fight doesn’t occur. I am 80 years old and have never seen such obnoxious people in my life. People never learned “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it!”

  25. We used to put colour catches (which is a small wipe size cloth) in with the washing but it blocked the filter so we started putting then in a washing tablet sack. So be careful.

  26. Joining a bit late here, but there’s not a lot of difference between wipes – it’s more smell and marketing. E.g. face wipes are smaller and heavily perfumed usually, while bum wipes on the looroll section (back in the day when loorolls were available) are larger with either no perfume or cleaner product type perfume – and a quarter of the price. I happily use “bum wipes” for cleaning hands etc, expensive trendy face wipes aren’t really necessary. Which is a roundabout way of saying that it doesn’t matter too much – so go for bum wipes.

  27. you can also use a microfiber cloth. it does the same thing but grabs hair and lint and holds on to it better. to clean it I use packaging tape because the sticky is stronger and will remove the debris easier than other tape.then just throw the coated tape away.

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