9 Laundry Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

9 Laundry Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
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Doing laundry can be frustrating, even if it appears to be one of the simplest chores. The washing, the waiting, the switching, the folding, the disappearance of socks… It can get really uncomfortable, don’t you think?
Therefore, it is only wise to improve the way you wash your clothes to make your laundry day effortless and efficient.

So to make this unpleasant task a little easier to bear, we gathered 9 of the most common mistakes that people make when doing laundry. Avoiding these mistakes can easily save you more time and money, in addition to making your clothes softer, comfier, and perfectly stain-free.


1. You’re over saturating the washing machine

You're over saturating the washing machine
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One of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to laundry is overfilling the washing machine. It is completely inutile and probably damaging.

We all think about adding more clothes to skip doing another load, but it is a bad idea, believe me! Because having too many clothes inside can prevent them from rubbing against each other to get a proper cleaning, which means having to wash them all over again.
There is a limit of clothing written on the washing machine, your load should always be equal or under that, never more.



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  1. Our Bath Towels are All non-absorbent after a shower. They just will not dry, even though freshly laundered.
    My wife (ssshh!) seems to me to be using too much soap in the washing machine.
    Could this be the problem?
    Please reply & Advise.
    Thank you, Colin Smith.

  2. These ideas are all no brainers. If you don’t know these, you shouldn’t be using a washing machine. They are all just commenting sense!

  3. You are not supposed to use fabric softener on your towels. It takes away from the absorbency.
    To make your towels soft and absorbent add a 1/2 -1 cup of vinegar to the washing machine

  4. Don’t use softener. It’s not good for you, and from what I have read, is kinda toxic. I use wool dryer balls.

  5. I use laundrymat. and fragrance free soap and dryer sheets etc. Would adding baking soda to the wash eliminate the fragrance of others?

  6. Domestic vinegar is fine.

    Adding baking soda doesn’t remove the smell of added fragrances like essential oils or scent boosters.

  7. I use liquid detergent and fabric softener. Then I also use dryer sheets in my dryer and I’ve never had a problem with my towels not drying. They dry perfectly fine! So can anyone explain why you’re having these problems and I’m not? Oh and they smell very good too!
    Thank you
    Jacqueline M

    • You do not need fabric softener or dryer sheets, use the lambs wool dryer balls, stops static and items dry quicker in the dryer. I think the comment about the towels not absorbing when using them to dry your skin after a shower.

  8. You forgot the need to wash natural fabrics and manmade fabrics separately. Polyester gives up dirt in half the time cotton does. That means polyester clothes will absorb the dirt released from cotton ones if they are washed together.

  9. You should not use baking soda in your washing machine as it will build up in the drain and hose causing them to clog. It will be expensive in the long run.

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