What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets

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This psychology test can tell you some deep secrets that even you don’t know about yourself!

There are certain things about the human emotions and psychology that science still doesn’t understand, like when your instincts tell you to go left instead of right, when your heart goes crazy over someone you see for the first time in your life, or those times when you’re just sure that you need to stay away from a specific person without any visible reason or tangible experience but end up being right!

Those things and more can leave us questioning how and why, but let me tell you something, there is some exciting magic about the realm of lively senses, pure instincts, and anything science couldn’t catch and experiment.
Whether you want to have fun or discover something new about yourself, this super simple test can reveal a secret about love and attraction in your life.

What you need to do is glance at the picture and take note of the very first thing you notice.

Keep reading to see the results.



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  1. as usual, I saw the lady in the mask(I’m guessing it’s referring to the optical illusion “placement” of the images creates) and I went with this one because I wanted to be honest after a quick look that is what stood out to me 1st, then even after stopping to “study” the pic for a few the big masked lady was still what stood out most to me so I’m imaginative and enjoy the experience of “the new” or learning new things & meeting new people, lol… GUILTY! Thanks for the fun distraction, now back to the icky real-life junk, oh well gotta be done. TTFN KLP

  2. The mind is like a raw egg , when you’re hungry you don’t pay attention to egg while is raw. However when the egg is fully cooked your mind get set because you approved that is ready to be eaten. Same things happened with emotions in your mind characteristics ,shape, form or event you can predict your next level of functioning within your visuals acceptance. Don’t be fooled is not the same thing to call the devil Than seeing him coming. Finally we can’t control our mind is pretty difficult to speak to ourselves. The ego, I’d and superego are constantly disputing our decision Making process. , We are predators of our own Inside thoughts. Do I explain myself.

  3. At my age every thing you pointed out has already been learned the hard way. You are not talking to a 25 to 35 year old person in my case, but it was a fun read.

  4. I saw first the Bridge and the reflection in the water and the 2 canoe in the water and last I saw the mask and the couple coming out of the canoe

  5. Saturday March 7th. 2020

    Hi, I just wanted to comment.
    I wish people would either learn how to spell, or copy and paste into a blank word document that does spell check, what they want to say, before they say it.
    It really irritates me to see people commenting about items, when they can’t spell. Forgive me, if I’ve hurt any feelings.

      • Yeah!
        Like if you can´t spell then you be quiet.
        OMG! like Melissa said, get a life and most of all learn how to be a good person.

        Allmost everyone do miss spell common or some times here and there.
        What is the problem?
        If you drive as bad as soem spells then stay away from the car it will make accidents, spelling will never do. So learn to fight the right fights instead!

    • what good is spell check if voice to text doesn’t always pick up exactly what you sed,( i did that on purpose) if it torments you that much become an English teacher and save the world of bad grammar (spell check made me capitalize english, i didnt want to). we live in a world of abbreviation,( tnks spell chk) o.m.g.! idk why the language was being changed. but i got over it or be left behind in the text world or have my friends not reply because i typed every word, making it more to read for them, or they get tired of me asking what does “idk” mean? and they reply with…” i don’t know” so i argue the fact that they shouldn’t use it if they dont know what it stands for… this was fun.

  6. And what does it says about me!
    I see the couple to the left in front of the masked women with a boatman nose and the mout of the empty boat, all at same time.
    Mostly with all pictures like this I see all things at same time.
    None first alla first.

  7. I saw the mask first its the most prominent thing it seems to scream out and so some people cant spell big deal leave it alone I bet there are things you cant do!!!!

    • there is a third person ? i thought the woman was the boat man coming out off the boat. oh i see the boat man is in the nose.

  8. Hey! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Now getting back to this picture,first thing i saw the comment….”What You See First Will Reveal Your Deep Psychological Secrets” and clicked on the mask, knowing i would find something in this mask, we can all look at the same picture and see something different, i thought it was cool that 3 canoe’s/boats created features for this mask, nose, mouth and chin. and the reflection of the bridge created the mask it self. i did not notice the bridge had what appears to be eyes combined with the reflection as being closed til Jaime Reyes mentioned it.( i thought that was a good catch jaimie,) cause i was looking deep in to my psychological secrets and missed that., and i guess they were closed cause the third eye is always wide awake, reflecting on the nose, anty-who, i saw the comment first, then clicked on the mask only to overlook the mask to see everything else, so what does that mean? should i seek help? (he he he) its 6:40 in the morning so pardon my spelling if any i might have overlooked.

  10. if at first i saw the archway,boats and bridge creating the illusion of a mask does it make me a genius or a smart a** please don’t block me I love this kind of stuff.

  11. It’s a scene from Italy that makes up a friendly face. The bridge makes the mask, one boat does the nose, another boat makes a smiley face. The crown maybe another bridge.

  12. If you look at this picture from a smaller size phone and you are scrolling down, you would see it going from top to bottom, which would be different then if you saw the pic all at once.

  13. You forget, that if you are real hungry you would just eat the egg raw! They are not bad and you don’t even need any salt or pepper on it.
    Oh, by the way, i saw the mask first, i think it is the dominant figure in the pic.

  14. I must be crazy. All I saw at first was the masked woman. I had to go back and look at the picture again to see the other things.
    PS. spelling is an overrated skill.

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